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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Pamela FPGA

Nikos Tomatsidis

Posts 66
09 Feb 2021 20:11

A business opportunity that will gain all 68k lovers.
    You probably know the RGB to DIGITAL-VIDEO that is out now for A500. It is a chip with Pi Zero.
    It is easy to replace the chips on socket on A500.
    Also on C-64 it is FPGA solutions to replace VIC etc.
    Why not do a Vampire team do a  Pamela FPGA replacement for Paula?
    It would for sure be popular and might bring a lot of software to everyone.

Ian Parsons

Posts 230
09 Feb 2021 23:59

The audio from SAGA probably requires a 32bit data bus and maybe faster memory and or additional DMA slots. I haven't checked but the registers for the additional channels may not fall within the register bus width of the existing classic chipsets. Paula also handles some controller and floppy disk signals.

Simon Kosecki

Posts 1
17 Feb 2021 19:50

I have approached makers of this amazing contraption, however they do not seem to think pi zero has enough oomph to do the job for AGA graphics with many more colours and screen modes. They suggested getting an OSSC instead for A1200 which is something I will definitely do once it is back in stock

Antony Coello

Posts 135
18 Feb 2021 13:08

nikos tomatsidis wrote:

A business opportunity that will gain all 68k lovers.

Not really. If I had more room, I would be using a 37" multisync CRT.

As it is, most of my TFT monitors and Plasma TV only have VGA HD15 connections with one DVI on my main monitor which is what I have the Vampire digital video going into. I dont think I actually own a display device with that four letter connector.

Oldskool computers deserve oldskool displays! ;)

posts 4