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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire Issues

Tom Kiddy

Posts 2
30 Jan 2021 16:26

Hi, my vampire v500 has been working fine until the past couple of weeks when it started having intermittent booting issues. When you power up from cold 9 times out of 10 it wont boot at all. I`ve tried reflashing the core a number of times and it`ll work for awhile it`ll lock up and then wont boot at all again. Thanks for any help.

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
31 Jan 2021 00:01

Hi, how about more info about your setup, Vampire 500 version, Amiga model and revision?
Can you try another power supply.
How about possibility that some capacitors are gone because aging of our equipment.
Did you run any hardware test programs like logica dialoga?

Tom Kiddy

Posts 2
31 Jan 2021 18:14

Hi, its a 500+ revision 8a with 1mb expansion (2mb), vampire 500 II+ rev 2.2 in a checkmate 1500+ case with GS40N DVD drive and a bequiet 300w SFX PSU and Zorro 2 board. For some reason kickstart 3.1.4 was very unstable so I flashed the core to 2.12 and kickstart 3.1. I then stripped down the motherboard added 68000 and 3.x rom and motherboard was fine. Added vampire board booted to kickstart fine. Made a HD with UAE with wb3.1 that booted fine then added zorro board, everything booted, added bequiet psu, hdmi, floppy. Everything was still working at this point, installed idefix to get the dvd working which it did, everything was ok then it froze up now Im getting nothing. No rgb, no hdmi, tried reflashing nothing. Took out vampire, reintalled 68000cpu and rom, now absolutely nothing. Get power light but thats it

Sean Sk

Posts 464
31 Jan 2021 20:57

Tom Kiddy wrote:

Took out vampire, reintalled 68000cpu and rom, now absolutely nothing. Get power light but thats it

So does that mean then that your A500 is not working even without the Vampire installed? If so, this doesn't sound like a Vampire issue, but your motherboard. Have you tried cleaning the terminals and the sockets of the CPU and Kickstart ROM and then re-seating them? Do you have access to another A500 motherboard to try the CPU and KS ROM from that? Can you try another A500 power supply? You may need to go through a diagnosing process.

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