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Email Received, How to Be Sure That's Not Phishing

Elrick Landon

Posts 4
26 Jan 2021 18:57


How do I know that the email I received is not a phishing attack?
What is the e-mail address used by the Apollo team to inform customers who have registered?
How do I know?

Do you know from which country the material is being shipped from?

Best Regards,


Roy Gillotti

Posts 494
26 Jan 2021 18:59

Likely the same responses from last time you asked:


Thorsten B

Posts 17
26 Jan 2021 20:47

Ever looked up your interest? If it's right your status should have changed!

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
26 Jan 2021 20:49

@Elrick Landon few hours ago I have replied you over email. Your card is send and I gave you tracking numbers, please be patient now to receive it. Your card is send 6 days ago. I can't tell when you will receive it because some people receive card from me within 4 days and others who live in same country need to wait a lot more.

Luis Alberto Navega Corr
(Needs Verification)
Posts 5/ 3
26 Jan 2021 22:43


email received, from Apollo Team

Vampire 500 V2+  card  payed  at  20  days  ago

tracking number received,    and showing that the card it is at the same position that was at
20 days ago,

thats  normal ?

20 days to receive the card ?


Luis Teles

from  Portugal

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 405
27 Jan 2021 00:52

@Luis Alberto Navega your card is send on 13.1.2021. for reasons I have explained to you over mail. As I can see from tracking number that card is forwarded to your country week ago not before.

Lord Aga
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 119
27 Jan 2021 09:43

Perhaps people don't have the experience of dealing with shipments in these Covid days.
I waited for two months for a tiny package from China to arrive.
I have been waiting still, for over a month, for a package from Canada.

Yes, a package being stuck for 20 days or more in one place is quite normal these days. Unfortunately.

posts 7