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Vcontrol IDESpeed

Jd 64

Posts 36
22 Jan 2021 11:00

According to the VControl documentation adding the line "C:VControl IDESPEED=2" to the startup-sequence will make it run at that setting on each bootup but it leaves the shell window open requiring you to manually close it each time or I get "Intuition is attempting to reset the workbench"

Is there another command that can be added to make it run silently or close the window automatically after running the line?

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 308
22 Jan 2021 11:29

Try vcontrol IDESPEED=2 >NIL:


Peeri the Sunlight

Posts 64
22 Jan 2021 11:32

put instead C:Vcontrol >nil: IDESPEED=2
this don't give any output
if it hangs then run >nil: C:Vcontrol >nil: IDESPEED=2
(not near my beloved Amigas to check how I did it.)

Jd 64

Posts 36
22 Jan 2021 12:28

Thanks, that worked.

Is 2 the recommended setting? Can it be set to the maximum speed of 3 or does that cause data corruption?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5731
22 Jan 2021 14:30

Speed 3 should work fine.

All V4 are tested with Speed=3.

Jd 64

Posts 36
22 Jan 2021 19:20

Does it work ok with V2?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5731
22 Jan 2021 19:26

Patrick Hawkins wrote:

Does it work ok with V2?

This depends on your used parts.
In my experience the most influence have the used part.
The cable length. The number of devices on the cable.
The quality of the CF adapter.
Of those parts are good, then Fast-IDE speed 3 works in my experience 100% reliable.

Jd 64

Posts 36
23 Jan 2021 11:20

I'm using a SD adapter and get 11mb/s at speed setting 3 so seems to be working stable.

Can we boot the OS from the MicroSD slot yet?

posts 8