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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Thinking About Purchasing Vampire V4, Questions

Chuck E.

Posts 6
18 Jan 2021 23:42

Here in the US, we are supposed to be getting some more of the stimulus money soon and I'm thinking about purchasing the Vampire V4 standalone. One question I have is, will Lighwave 5.0 work with the V4? The version of lightwave I have has a dongle that connects either to Parallel or serial port (I forget which) and I wouldn't know how to make it work without the dongle, as the Vampire Standalone does not appear to have a parallel or serial port, is there a way around this? I like to play with lightwave on my Amiga 4000 and 3000T, But I want to be able to use it on the Vampire as well. Also my Amiga 3000T has a cyber graphics card and a Delfina Lite sound card, One of the cards in the 3000T also allows me to boot from and IDE Drive, and I'm wondering what driver changes it would take to boot the hard drive in the 3000T on the vampire. If I can use my existing hard drive with Amiga 0S 3.9, I might consider selling the 3000T and the 4000 And just keeping the Vampire, as I just love the Amiga operating system and I'm not a hardware puris, Even though I have many Original. Amiga systems.


Chuck E.

Matthew Langtry

Posts 197
19 Jan 2021 16:16

probably would have to use a cracked version of lightwave has no parallel or serial ports and don't think a usb to parallel adapter would work.

demo of lightwave working on a vampire EXTERNAL LINK

posts 2