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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Apollo OS With Vampire 500 V2+

Carlos Roldan

Posts 46
16 Jan 2021 22:38

Just a quick question.  Will Apollo Os R5 work under Vampire 500 v2+ on Amiga 2000?  If so, where can I download the required rom?  Thanks.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
17 Jan 2021 09:07

This is a video of ApolloOS running on my v1200. I just wrote the image file to a CF. Aros Rom are mapped on startup automatically.


Carlos Roldan

Posts 46
18 Jan 2021 20:15

Thanks :)

Wayne Smith

Posts 39
25 Jan 2021 11:50

Hi there - I write the Image to a 32gb SD card but it wont boot to it on my V1200, i just get the Floppy boot screen. I put in my Coffin SD and that boots 100%. I use Win32diskimager (Changing it to .img from .ima) and no luck. Then I used winimage and Etcher on the original .ima file and winimage just looks a bit complicated so I just use Etcher and its the same thing. What am i doing wrong? Thanks in Advance

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
25 Jan 2021 14:12

Tried to boot on a1200's IDE or Vampire's IDE? Try both

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