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Weird Sound Issue With V1200

Spyros Kourias

Posts 19
12 Jan 2021 22:01

While still enjoying my V1200 setup, a strange issue has appeared regarding sound output. My 1200 is connected to a TV/Monitor through SCART (for native resolutions) and DIGITAL-VIDEOfor RTG. Recently i have to choose between having sound active through DIGITAL-VIDEO or through SCART only when changing output (for Whdload for instanc. This means that having SCART connected doesn’t let me play any sound at all when in coffinOS and vice versa. I have Coffin v.57 and latest SAGA installed if this is of any interest. Should i try any setting that i currently ignore in order for me to have sound activated in both environments without having to plug/unplug any cables?

Allan Versaevel

Posts 100
12 Jan 2021 22:12

Unless you have the Vampire Standalone (V4), no Audio is output via the DIGITAL-VIDEO connection. So in your case, use the analogue output from your A1200 at all times.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 586
13 Jan 2021 06:17

Audio on v2 comes exclusevly from the dual audio Jacks of your amiga. I suppose your cable takes both rgb and audio from the Amiga to the scart. This way you can hear audio only when your TV is set to scart output. You better connect only the rgb on scart and connect the audio Jacks to some audio speakers. This way audio works independently of the video output you're selecting.

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