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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Identifying Vampire 500 V2+ PCB Version

P-O Yliniemi

Posts 8
21 Dec 2020 15:13


Just got a second hand 500 V2+. The first stupid question (I have a hint about the answer), but a complete reply might come handy for other users:

How can the PCB version be determined ? In the wiki, rev 2, 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 are listed, but nothing about how find out which version of the board one owns.

To answer my question myself (or at least guess), I have reasons to believe my V2+ is a rev 2.3 PCB, because it was addressed to the buyer one day before my V4SA.


Roy Gillotti

Posts 489
21 Dec 2020 17:01

There is an article from Majsta's page and on the bottom of this page there are a few pictures and a description table to identify your version.


P-O Yliniemi

Posts 8
21 Dec 2020 18:08

Thanks, that info helped a bit. It looks like this is a 2/2.1 board (has the I/O Expansion header, not the ethernet module connector as 2.2) with the video output fix applied (replaced resistors with capacitors).

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