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Conflict Vampire500v2 With Buddha IDE Controller

Philip de Lang

Posts 1
18 Dec 2020 19:14

I am constructing an Amiga system in a Checkmate A1500+ case with a A500 ++ mainboard, a floppy drive and a cd drive. The cd drive uses slim sata, which is then converted to IDE and is connected to the Buddha zorro2 card.

I am still waiting on a slim sata cable, but am already testing the Buddha card.

The Buddha card is identified and works if I put a workbench 3.1 floppy in the drive and the supplied DOM module is shown as a drive in the workbench.

However: if I try to use the IDE controller on the Vampire card with Coffin OS when the Buddha card is connected, the system will not boot up and cannot find the commands in the Startup-Sequence.

My question is: Do I have to use the Buddha card for CF/SD access, or is there a way to use the one on the Vampire together with the Buddha card?

Roy Gillotti

Posts 489
18 Dec 2020 21:34

I've had issues with a Zorro Card (X-Surf-100 + RapidRoad USB Controller) that works fine in my A2000 + V500 V2 system that didn't work with the Checkmate Zorro adapter. It's identified, just has no functionality outside of seeing it's there. I queried the issue on the icomp.de forum with little results.

Captain Zalo

Posts 71
18 Dec 2020 22:31

Raise the question directly by mail to Stephen. He might have a spare Zorro board with modification for swap.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 489
18 Dec 2020 23:16

Well for me I switched gears, put my V600 V2 system into the checkmate case, figured I had enough dealing with flakey fragile keyboard membranes and such, so it was a little more fitting.

But Stephen was deep into the conversation on icomp.de to look into the issue.

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