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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Roadmap for 2021. ?

Tango One

Posts 102
17 Dec 2020 12:36

What is the plans for vampire in 2021. ?

Any new hardware planed. ?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 5626
17 Dec 2020 12:47

tango one wrote:

What is the plans for vampire in 2021. ?
Any new hardware planed. ?

Our goal for 2021 is reaching a 5-digit Vampire user base and to satisfy the users demand for both V2 Accelerators and V4 Standalone. We increased our production capacities and aim for much lower waiting times as before.
Our goal is to reach a level where the card is ready for shipping two weeks after order. I think we will reach this speedup for the V4 next year and hope we also get the Accelerator up to speed.

Our main goal is to produce bring up CORE updates which continous improvements, being them faster and increase AGA game compatible even more. Our goal is that all old games run well.
We will continue our work on ApollOS to bring it to the level of perfection that will please all users.

Kara Korsan

Posts 5
19 Dec 2020 17:06

Nothing for amiga 4000 ?

DiscreetFX Studios

Posts 100
23 Dec 2020 02:04

This sounds like an awesome plan for 2021 Gunnar, thank you.

posts 4