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How to Prepare SD Card Image On WinUAE

Robo Kupka

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15 Dec 2020 13:10

I put 32GB MicroSD card into V1200 and wanted to copy a lots of files (entire WHDLoad games library) onto it.
But because of how SD cards I/O operations work internally (read block, modifiy block, write block back), I have already destroyed 2 cards. The OS repetitively overwrites some specific blocks and during copy operation of zillllllions of small files, apparently some blocks are overwritten too many times and FLASH memory is destroyed.
So, I would rather prefer to prepare image of such card filesystem on a harddrive (in WinUAE perhaps) and when the image is finished, copy it over to a SD card. The exactly same way we do with CF card image such as Apollo or Amikit.

So, if anyone could tell me, how to prepare such SD card image on WinUAE (specificaly, the geometry of SD card must be exact), I would be grateful.

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