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[INFO] Running Some Demos From Vam Sd

Ozzy Boshi

Posts 24
13 Nov 2020 07:36

It's very confusing to me, maybe one of you can shred light on this behaviour.
  I downloaded a lot of demos from pouet to my A1200 equipped with v1200 (no other additional hardware) with core 2.13 beta (i think the latest one).
  I usually download the demos inside my sd card taking advantage of the vampire v1200 built in sd slot.
  So far 2 of them have a strange behaviour, they dont start if they are stored in SD, i see a gray screen endlessly.
  I cant tell if the sd is doing something since I dont have any led indicator (hopefully majista will enable it in the future using the exp port).
  If i copy the same demo directory from SD to a partition inside my CF card (attached to the amiga internal ide, not the vampire ide) they start in a couple of seconds.
  Do you have any idea why?
  Here's my SD0 stored inside devs:dosdrivers
  FileSystem    = l:fat95
  Unit          = 0
  Flags          = 0
  LowCyl        = 0
  HighCyl        = 0
  Surfaces      = 1
  BlocksPerTrack = 1
  BlockSize      = 512
  Buffers        = 20
  BufMemType    = 1
  BootPri        = 0
  Stacksize      = 4096
  Priority      = 5
  GlobVec        = -1
  DosType        = 0x46415401
  Device        = sagasd.device

and this is one of the demo that doesnt start from SD

Pat 3657

Posts 46
20 Nov 2020 19:44

Your SD card uses FAT95 file system. Non-Amiga file systems lack the ability to store certain file information, necessary for the Amiga to determin if a file is an executable or not.
That's why demos or any other program may not start when on sd card:
They probably lost their E-flag.

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