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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

P96 V3.0

Peter Heginbotham

Posts 188
29 Oct 2020 23:25

Has anyone tried the latest version of P96 with a Vampire 2 board

Rollef 2000

Posts 16
30 Oct 2020 09:50

i have not tried it yet, because my system runs without problems with V2.4.6.

Christoph Nehrig

Posts 4
30 Oct 2020 17:49

I have installed P96 V3.0 without probleme.

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 123
30 Oct 2020 20:23

It works fine. But to be able to "Drag screens" I guess Gunnar and the team needs to "add" that feature to SAGA?

Pat 3657

Posts 46
31 Oct 2020 00:28

Shapeshifter with 8bit RTG screen has screwed-up colors - like white is magenta and black is cyan. 24bit screen seems fine. I didn't put much effort into solving that issue, maybe someone has a solution to this. I'll ask the developer eventually...

Pat 3657

Posts 46
12 Nov 2020 09:43

... contacted the author: Due to changes in indexed-colour modes the current vampiregfx is not quite compatible to newer P96.
  See EXTERNAL LINK (German)

Edit: I checked with newest SAGA drivers 2.4.4 and a Vampire 1200  2.12

Pat 3657

Posts 46
20 Nov 2020 17:42

OK, it's sorted out. Seems the issue is related to the way Shapeshifter is handling SetRGB32 command. There will be a P96 update soon for that.

Pat 3657

Posts 46
20 Nov 2020 17:46

Roger Andre Lassen wrote:

  It works fine. But to be able to "Drag screens" I guess Gunnar and the team needs to "add" that feature to SAGA?

  Quote from the developer:
  "Ich bin immer noch dafür, dass möglichst viele Grafiktreiber screen dragging unterstützen; vielleicht erbarmt sich mal jemand aus dem Team und schaut sich das Developer-Archiv an?"
  "I'm still in favor of as many graphics drivers as possible supporting screen dragging; maybe someone from the team will have mercy and take a look at the developer archive?"

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