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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Waiting Time for Vampire Acceleratorspage  1 2 

Igor Majstorovic
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 362
20 Nov 2020 23:18

OK some good news everyone.
Batch of V500 V2+ cards is done. I m very happy with the quality especially that now cleaning process is done in the factory. This is something that will make my life easier. Cleaning and moister removing is something that takes several hours, sometimes days but everything went well. Cleaning procedure is taking place in two ultrasonic baths filled with cleaning solutions, one with intense cleaning for 9 minutes, then cards go into another bath for additional 9 minutes. 2nd bath is with gentle vibrations comparing to first one. After that cards are cleaned with regular water, then with demi water(without minerals) to prevent stains or traces of water on PCB. Next is oven where cards are held on up to 60degrees temperature and they stay there for 5 hours. Last stage is one day under temperature slightly bigger than room temperature.

As for V1200, batch of those cards is also done this week but this time also with some changes as the plan was to move as much work is possible towards factory. Now, connectors on this model will be done using wave soldering.     
Withing few days I will receive few cards for review.

Batch of V600 cards is possible also but not this month. I m sure that I ll be able to make some plans for it very soon. V600 PLCC socket needs lot of sanding and milling to make tight fit to MC68K and already discussed that with people from PCBA factory.   

Francesco Lemmi

Posts 49
21 Nov 2020 16:39

Very good news Igor :)

Nikos Pagonis

Posts 43
21 Nov 2020 16:40

Thanks for the update Igor. That is good news. So is there any prediction on when the new V1200 batch will start coming out?

Rod March

Posts 115
23 Nov 2020 06:07


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