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Vampire 500v2+ Warranty/Replacement Needed.

Antony Coello

Posts 62
13 Oct 2020 16:21

Ok. I finally got the last A500 board upgrade done (CPU socket) and recieved it back today. Inserted the Vampire 500V2+ card and... same flashing power light as posted months before and no video output.

I have had this card for nearly a year now and have not been able to get it working.

I initially had the Amiga insert disk screen on RGB and a Vampire Girl on DIGITAL VIDEO. The various CF cards/2.5"IDE drives and Micro SD cards tried did not boot, just the floppy worked.

Then after a few insertions (as I was advised the CPU socket could have poor contect) it just booted to a cycled green screen (which should mean mainboard RAM fault), with a half second pulsing Power LED. However, all the while the regular 68000 CPU works fine in the system.

On the advice given here, Ive had the A500 (rev.6A) board re-capped and a new quality 68000 CPU socket installed. The A500 is also running in a new Checkmate case with an ATX PSU supplying power.

The Vampire has also had a fresh set of pins installed, as the re-insertions stressed the pins and some snapped.

I do not have the parts, equipment or soldering skills to keep trying and fixing the problems, so have had to pay to get them done for every step professionally. (As it is, my 68000 CPU pins have been in and out the socket too many times, bent and have now started to fall off, so I can no longer use the regular Amiga!)

Im not sure how far I need to go before the actual Vampire card is deemed as faulty? Im pretty much at the end of my tether here and really cant throw any more money at it.
The card was made by Majsta. Do I now speak to him?

Please help! :(

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4972
14 Oct 2020 07:02

Antony Coello wrote:

I initially had the Amiga insert disk screen on RGB and a Vampire Girl on DIGITAL VIDEO.
Then after a few insertions

I know you are on discord ..
Please contact Igor directly there.

But to prevent misconceptions.
There is no warranty on breaking pins.

Electronic components need be handled with care.
If you unplug and replug chips until the pins break and snap then its no one will give you warranty on this.

Also if you misplug IDE (wrong way or misplaced) any make an electric short and fry some chips - then you destroyed the card by yourself and this is of course not covered with any warranty.

If you are not properly grounded and "shock" the chips when touching them - then you fried the card and this is also not covered by warranty.

Please be always extremely careful when plugging cards.
Please double check the IDE alignment - before turning it on.
Please always make sure that you are properly grounded, please use an electronics wristband to avoid shocking the components.
Please note that some "adapters for A2000" can destroy your Vampire if not correctly used.

Tomas Tkald

Posts 5
21 Oct 2020 11:22

Try remove Kickstart, if not.

Antony Coello

Posts 62
21 Oct 2020 13:06

Thanks for the replies.

I have been in contact with majsta who has been really great and helpful.

I do not want to speculate on the problem, but hopefully we can get to the bottom of the issue and I can crack on with finally having a working card! :)

J.M. Lapilainen

Posts 24
21 Oct 2020 13:09

Sorry to hear about your troubles Antony. If your 68000 has enough pins left to solder on, meaning the thick part of the broken pin(s) are at least partially there, you can get two 1x40 female round pin strips from local dealer or china next to nothing and solder all the CPU pins to those. Should be doable even with the most basic soldering skills but if you can't do it yourself you can probably find someone locally to do that for a coffee or beer, if not free. There's also couple of 68000's for sale on amibay for 10 euros + shipping if you can't find cheaper replacement locally. I know, not much of a consolation, but at least you could use your Amiga while you're sorting out the accelerator issues.
EDIT: missed your previous post, hopefully you and Majsta can sort it out and you'll get it all working!

Antony Coello

Posts 62
21 Oct 2020 13:43

@J.M. Lapilainen: Thankyou for your kind advice.

Im not too worried about the CPU at this time, as WinUAE is pretty accurate for 68000 emulation on a stock A500.

As far as I can tell, what I CANT do with UAE is accurately emulate a 080 with SAGA and Apollo OS, so Im desperate to get it back in running order to tinker with. :)

Although, saying that, I have had it now for about a year and not been able to use it, so I can wait a bit longer.

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