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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Networking, Couple of Questions.

Mateusz S.

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14 Sep 2020 01:52

    I always suck in networking technicals in general, also I never
    Connected my A1200 to internet before.
    So I would like ask some questions about V1200, I read the wiki and searched the forum, but still  I am confused.
    Also you are making such a fast progress, maybe you could extend the wiki
    with recent infos and answers for that questions.
    1. The V1200 expansion slot let us  connect  the ethernet module so we can plug the LAN cable. Is  it the same as network card? Will I be able to see my home network drives? Can I connect  to the internet that way?
    2. If so, then what additional drivers, software do I need to install?
    3. What is the speed of that expansion port/module? Where is the bottleneck?
    4. Can you compare the speed to the PCMCIA network card or Wi-Fi?
    5. Is it posibble to connect  some kind od Wi-Fi module to that V1200 expansion port? Or maybe this kind of adapter would work?
    6. I was stunned with this video. It shows NetSurf browser port for 68k with Amiga 500 V2, Could you comment it? I would like to achieve the same rexult with V1200

    Thanks in advance

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