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My V4SA Makes Much Interference Noise

Maria Engström

Posts 31
25 Jul 2020 23:32

I don't know if expected behavior or broken, but my V4SA make very bad noise, like buzzing/interference, the more that there is on screen, the more noise too.

I use one of those popular small black boxes with Digital Video+SCART in to Digital Video+Analog audio out boxes to extract audio and also a normal Dell monitor for Digital Video.

I have not been able to test the Vampire until now because I had difficult finding keyboard and mouse working with it until now. And now this. :/

I have tried with different USB PSUs too - is no change.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4842
25 Jul 2020 23:34

What you describe does not sound normal at all.
  Do you run AROS and the latest release core?
  Or what is your setup and what is your screenmode?
Regarding Mouse and Keyboard,
You can find a list of good working mise and keyboard here online on the top navigation bar.
Ordering a working setup is easy, most of the stuff is available from Amazon with next day delivery.
And even have the option too get the V4 bundled with working mouse etc with your order from the team directly.
Btw are you on the Slack V4 support channel?

Maria Engström

Posts 31
25 Jul 2020 23:49

I run Coffin so far, have not have time yet to test AROS. I bought my V4SA via Vesalia like a few weeks before Christmas last year IIRC.

I have not updated core, so I do not know what version.

I have tested several different modes, like 640x480, 800x600, PAL Lowres, is all the same, but generally, the more stuff (things that contrast each other) there is on screen, the more noise there is.

Yea, I finally found list here on this site and bought Keyboard and mice recommended on that list.

No I'm not on Slack V4 support channel, I do not know what is.. If IRQ, I think I was there some time perhaps as "AgentMasha" some months ago, but I'm was too shy to say stuff.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4842
25 Jul 2020 23:52

The V4 support channel is a online support channel for all V4 owners.
They normally get directly invited to this.
There is the team online and many V4 owners - all there to help newbies.

That you bought about a reseller is unfortunate here as you this way could not be invited by the team.

Maria Engström

Posts 31
26 Jul 2020 00:04

So Is not possible for me to get invite? :(

I'll try one thing tomorrow, excluding that black box (HD Video converter) that I use to extract analog audio and try connect direct to TV, if it is like fake or something and maybe poor quality therefore. I hope.

Cannot try with TV now because I have no TV.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 431
26 Jul 2020 03:32

You can get a slack invite yourself, permanent invitation link a few posts down on this thread by Pitteloud Stephane:

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4842
26 Jul 2020 08:02

Maria Engström wrote:

So Is not possible for me to get invite? :(

Please check your email folder.
You should have got on invite now.

Maria Engström

Posts 31
26 Jul 2020 08:20

Thank you very much!

Maria Engström

Posts 31
27 Jul 2020 17:12

Update on this for public interest in case someone else suffers same problem.
  I can now confirm that my V4SA probably is okay. I tested it on my mum and dads TV and everything was a-ok no worries. So then I went to local electronics shop and bought one of those HD Video Converters (It was called NORTH Scart to HDM1 converter) for 90€ instead of 9€ from Bangood, and is way less interference sound. I would say it's noise like a normal Amiga now. Only noticeable when no sound is playing now too.
  The converter boxes look identical, but behave very different, so 100% it was fault of fake HD Video Converter box.

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