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Vampire 1200 + Rapidroad/Prisma

Cego 1200

Posts 44
16 Jul 2020 21:30

I have just received my Vampire 1200 today and wanted to get started with my old setup.

The problem is that on Workbench neither Prisma nor Rapidroad (via Clockport Expander) are recognized.
The same when I connect them individually to the clockport.

Is there a workaround? I have the latest core installed with A1200 IDE and PCMCIA support.

Cego 1200

Posts 44
16 Jul 2020 22:34

ok, i have just tested the prisma without the V1200 and it works just fine. Seems that at the moment V1200 is not compatible with clockport devices. Or maybe I am missing a switch somewhere ???

Pete Morgan

Posts 21
17 Jul 2020 00:33

Hmmm... I use a Rapid Road via clockport with nine, and I've never had a problem... strange...

Roy Gillotti

Posts 494
17 Jul 2020 00:45

Well I've had the clockport version of the Rapidroad in my a600 that would self destruct randomly went through three of them, the one I used in my A2000 that works with the X-Surf-100 card works solid.

Cego 1200

Posts 44
17 Jul 2020 22:01

It seems that its related to the mSATA - IDE + adaptor. When I use a different type the rapid road activates.

Seems like the V1200 is very sensitive regarding IDE adaptors. I hope that this will be fixed in a future release of the core and I'll have the same level of compatibility again.

Cego 1200

Posts 44
19 Jul 2020 09:15

i have also tested it under a fresh coffin installation and the result is the same. Seems like Vampire can't handle mSATA-IDE adaptors. Something messes up with the bus it seems.
If anybody is interested in investigating this, I would gladly send the mSATA adaptor.

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