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Documentation about the Vampire hardware


Pascal Babel

Posts 14
12 Jul 2020 15:48

Is the V1200 compatible with The Indivision MKIIcr?
Apparently there are quite a few compatibility issues is this now resolved with the new core ?

  Thanks a lot.

Robo Kupka

Posts 3
12 Jul 2020 21:13

Mine works just fine, out of the box.
I flashed Core 2.12 and then Kick 3.1.4. into the V1200 core.

Indivision PREFS utility has to be patched in order to work with Vampire.
Use this patch: EXTERNAL LINK 

Pascal Babel

Posts 14
13 Jul 2020 13:11

Thank you, I did not have this information. I will try today.

Rico Suave

Posts 17
26 Jul 2020 17:14

I am using Kickstart 3.1.0. does this also work? As I cant get it to display correctly

posts 4