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R7565 Beta Core for V1200 : We Need Your Feedback

Renaud Schweingruber
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 330
26 Jun 2020 21:44

Hi guys,
We have been testing core 7565 for V1200 for some weeks now and noticed we need more feedback before releasing it as a stable core.
Biggest change in that core is on the ChipRAM speed and we need to make sure it does work on all A1200 motherboards giving people same level of stability and without hickups on CIAs (mouse, keyboard, etc.).
For that, we would be glad if you could test that core and report with details of your A1200 motherboard :
  * Motherboard revision
  * Recapped motherboard : yes/no
  * Recapped PSU or new one : yes/no
  * Timing fix : yes/no
  * If yes : which fix ( based on EXTERNAL LINK )
  * Any other useful detail regarding the issue you face (mouse type, replaced keyboard membrane, etc.)
Only report if you have all those details otherwise your feedback won't help us.
Core is here :
Happy testing ! :)

Vito Leva

Posts 34
26 Jun 2020 23:17

Ok just tested before your request on my A1200:
    Motherboard rev 2B Not Recapped
    Original black 25W 3A PSU not recapped
    Timig fix NO because the motherboard have no E123C and E123C and no E122C and E121C
    Original Commodore Amiga 1200 Mouse 12/93
    Kickstart 3.1 instead of the original 3.0 and RTC on A1200 clock port.
    The core run ok but is unstable after a bit like said on slack with problems typing with the keyboard where the keys repeat the same letters several times.
    Bustest runs ok the first time showing 7,1 as bandwidth on all chip operations. But when became instable reports very different numbers.
    I noticed that clicking the floppy drive also tends to desynchronize.
Instead on 7389B core all perfect.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 487
27 Jun 2020 09:03

No problems at all with my recapped a1200 with new psu and board rev 1D4
  I tested with a remapped 3.1.4 rom (no rtc no timing fix)
System run stable after whdload, Quake, sysinfo, ecc.. . Bustest reports 7.1 on all values before and after, floppy clicks are regular and keyboard works perfectly

Michael AMike

Posts 130
27 Jun 2020 10:16

Renaud Schweingruber wrote:

  Happy testing ! :)

Hi Renaud, after the first cold reboot I got instant problems on my machine - I can't really use the Amiga because of the mouse and keyboard hick ups.

  *fast and often diskdrive clicking
  *Mouse double click dosen't work reliably
  *Seconds are jumping in DOpus - No RTC clock - (get time over net)
  *Keyboard error - It's not possible to write one correct word

  *Motherboard revision: 2b
  * Recapped motherboard : yes
  * Recapped PSU or new one : new one - EOS VLT60-3000
  * Timing fix : yes
  * If yes : 121C,122C,123C, 125C removed
  * Any other useful detail regarding the issue you face
    *Edu PS2 Mouse Adapter with an 15 year old wirless PS2 mouse
    *new Keyboard membrane
    *no RTC Clock
    *Soundcard MelodyPro
    *D520 Flickerfixer

Picture of the board
a1k thread about my machine (german)
With the last 2x12 Gold Core is the Amiga fast and stable.

Francesco Lemmi

Posts 41
27 Jun 2020 16:56

Tested here but not working, my A1200 does not boot
    *Motherboard revision: 1.D4 from Escom
    * Recapped motherboard : yes
    * Recapped PSU or new one : no, using A500 4.5A psu
    * Timing fix : no
    * If yes : n.a.
  Any other useful detail regarding the issue you face
      *The mobo is an Escom motherboard modded for the Amiga disk drive fix
      *Sampedenawa usb Mouse Adapter with an old usb optical mouse
      *new Keyboard membrane
      *RTC module from IComp
  Installed again the old core 8379B and all returned to work

Master APEX

Posts 34
27 Jun 2020 18:46

May someone can test ENVOY 3.1 with the new A1200 core?

Walter Smolders

Posts 2
28 Jun 2020 10:33

Hi Renaud,

I've tested it and my A1200 does not boot, it only shows the vampire boot screen.
    * Motherboard revision: 2B
    * Recapped motherboard : No
    * Recapped PSU or new one : A500 4.5A psu not recapped
    * Timing fix : no
  Any other useful detail regarding the issue you face
      * Indivision AGA MK2cr
      * Rys MKII usb Mouse Adapter with an old usb Compaq mouse
      * 3.1 rom installed on MB

Pete Morgan

Posts 3
28 Jun 2020 17:00

Hi guys / Renaud,
System does not boot for me either, Vampire boot logo and the "blip" sound...then it doesn't go any further.
    * Motherboard revision: 2B
    * Recapped motherboard : yes
    * Recapped PSU or new one : ATX
    * Timing fix : No
    * RTC : No
    * EXTRAS: Indivision Rapid Road

Everything works fine on offical 2.12 core.
Regards, Pete.

Mister Jbam

Posts 2
29 Jun 2020 19:27

- Motherboard revision : 1D.4
      - Recapped motherboard : YES
      - +5v Consolidation
      EXTERNAL LINK       
      - LF1D fix : EXTERNAL LINK       
      - ferrite bead : EXTERNAL LINK       
      - New PSU
      - Timing fix : NO
      - New Premium Hard Keyboard Membrane PCB
        EXTERNAL LINK       
      - Indivision MK2
      - Prelude
      - SSD
      - Mouse 1200 Escom + Laser Kit
      - kick 3.1.4 and Aos
      I tested many, demos, games and softwares for 3 hours.
      And I saw no worries.
      everything seems to work properly
      Thank you very much for this update


Posts 30
05 Jul 2020 10:49

Motherboard rev 1A Recapped
      Original black 4.5A PSU not recapped
      Timig fix NO
      Original Commodore Amiga 1200 Mouse 12/93
      Kickstart 3.1 instead of the original 3.0
  The Core run normally. 9 fingers demo have an accelered music. Burning Chrome doesn't work anymore. ADoom run great as with the previous core. I'll had more feedback with anothers tests. Thanks for your work :)

posts 10