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Ordering Question

Carl Wade

Posts 2
05 Jun 2020 04:46

Sorry if this is out of place, I don't see a more appropriate forum.

I received an email regarding ordering the Vampire V4 a little over a week ago and responded, and haven't heard anything back after specifying what I would like to order.

Since this is a fairly unique ordering process for an absolutely unique product I have no idea if that is normal or not, or what to expect in terms of a response. I'd hate to think I'd done something wrong and lost my place in line somehow.

Adam A

Posts 97
05 Jun 2020 09:34

It could take up from one to two months until you receive an email asking you to pay. Depending on availability. sometimes it could take slightly less or more. 

Carl Wade

Posts 2
05 Jun 2020 12:06

Thanks much, sorry again just not used to this kind of ordering process.

Michal Pietal

Posts 108
05 Jun 2020 22:19

When did you state your interest in particular?

I ask because I am waiting, too.

Alex Flores

Posts 4
10 Jun 2020 17:23

I stated my interest on V1200 on March so be patient.

Ben Rottler

Posts 13
14 Jun 2020 20:10

I submitted my interest in May... so it's been about a month. I think it has always been slow and now supply chain issues have really disrupted things.

Allan Versaevel

Posts 67
15 Jun 2020 18:58

I received an email 3 weeks ago stating my V4 was ready and asked for my mailing address. Payment details were also mentioned. I replied and have not received a response. Normally I would get an email response with the total payment required and a PayPal email address. I am not sure what is going on here.

Nick Fellows
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 28
15 Jun 2020 20:30

I expressed interest on 9th Jan. I imagine theres a backlog due to covid etc

Michal Pietal

Posts 108
23 Jun 2020 21:33

But does this backlog that you mentioned, have any strict rules of processing, too?

Or at least, sensible means to catch up with the actual status?

Or else, it became disclosed or even random, at all?

Justin Mak

Posts 5
28 Jun 2020 20:38

Same here guys declared interest back in jan when i look at my status can see "allocated" however have received no email yet.. can you confirm just a waiting game now?


Michal Pietal

Posts 108
29 Jun 2020 19:36

At least, you could check your status...

No status check for V4SA clients...

Alex Fritsch

Posts 1
02 Jul 2020 17:57

Just wondering, when in Jan did you express interest?

Was it before the 9th?

I've never been more paranoid of missing an email...

Markus B

Posts 187
03 Jul 2020 10:29

Alex Fritsch wrote:

Just wondering, when in Jan did you express interest?
  Was it before the 9th?
  I've never been more paranoid of missing an email...

Do you refer to June?
I think the delay is much larger than that.

But due to this horrible order process there is no way to tell if you're on the list or not. Even the V2 order process is much better. Sad but true.

In the meantime I gave up on the product when I finally decided to buy it after following it with interest for some years. Gunnar is not even answering my emails anymore.

posts 13