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Telefunken 22 LED TV

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 487
30 May 2020 16:56

This morning, chatting with Gunnar, we talked about my discovery of a very good and cheap video solution for every Amiga (and perfect for Vampire DIGITAL-VIDEO output) and asked me to share those infos on this forum
  This Telefunken have composite and Scart inputs, as well as a vga and 2 Hdmi inputs
  Sorry for the bad lights and bad english
  On our Italian Vampire forum my friend Alessio shared other videos about this tv (in Italian)

Adam A

Posts 98
31 May 2020 12:10

Thanks for sharing

looks very similar to my Samsung B2230HD 2 hdmi VGA and Scart.

cheap monitors usually have low display lag (input-lag) and no additional processing on video or sound.

I used to have an awful plasma monitor with very high display lag, which made me feel as if using an emulator and not real hardware.

Vladimir Repcak

Posts 327
31 May 2020 20:20

Can it do 1920x1080 at 25 Hz ?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 487
02 Jun 2020 10:05

Honestly I haven't tried (AmigaOS @1080p on 22 inches will be usable? mmm.. maybe I'll try just for fun)

Neil Shacklady

Posts 25
03 Jun 2020 08:39

Hi Stefano, is this screen still readily available anywhere?  I'm struggling to find any stock online.  Also, in the video regarding the PAL output... are you using a normal RGB to SCART lead or RGB to VGA?

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 487
03 Jun 2020 08:44

Simple rgb to scart cable.
  About availability of this exact model I don't know. I bought a couple of them on an electronic shop of my city when I discover that rgb output was better than any other scaler/scandoubler I tried before. Newer telefunken models should have the same Vestel board inside (if they have scart input), so results should be the same.. Obviously I can be sure only about my specific model..

Christopher Stokes

Posts 3
03 Jun 2020 08:58

I found this that may help find alternatives


Vladimir Repcak

Posts 327
03 Jun 2020 09:22

Stefano Briccolani wrote:

Honestly I haven't tried (AmigaOS @1080p on 22 inches will be usable? mmm.. maybe I'll try just for fun)

Well, yeah - there's that. 1080p on 22" would be certainly brutal in the desktop :)

I use 1080p on my primary monitor TV which is 49". And that's barely at the threshold of useablity for me. Anything smaller than that and my head would just explode.

I now don't understand how I could do 1280x1024 on a 19" (at double distance than my TV now) 20 years ago...

Games, if there were any, could be real sharp in that res on 22"...

Neil Shacklady

Posts 25
03 Jun 2020 20:07

Thats really useful - scouring ebay now!

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