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V4 Header for Checkmate Cases and A500 Cases Toopage  1 2 3 

Arananet Net

Posts 12
22 May 2020 19:52


I've made this adapter to export all the V4 required ports to one side to use with checkmate 1500 and a500 cases.

It also has a softlatch button to poweron/off the V4 and also has i2s Audio.

Here's a pic: EXTERNAL LINK 
and here is a video: EXTERNAL LINK 
I don't know if there are much interest in this, If there any interest,I will make a batch for this as a preorder.


Long live to the V4!!!!

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 142
22 May 2020 22:14

I want one. So am first in line :-)

Adam A

Posts 125
22 May 2020 22:20

I'm interested.

Tim Noyce

Posts 132
22 May 2020 22:35


Adam A

Posts 125
22 May 2020 22:38

Hi Edu,
  with around currently 200+ v4 owners ( i get this number from Slack v4 channel), I'm pretty sure that the real number of v4 owners is more than 200 now
  + it's still in pre-order, im assuming 200+ is being pre-ordered currently?
  hopefully, the time your product matures, there will be around 400+ v4 owner and more under pre-order, so I think you will easily sell 50-70 of it
  Again im only assuming here, and real numbers may vary
  Also, I can see that your board has about three USB connectors+ other components and switches. can you give us more details on the product? this will probably help people decide their interest

What about USB mouse and keyboard support? will it base on the v4 support list? or your board can expand compatibility further?
Im a big fan your products, they are well-made and i like to check your store once in a while and i recently bought your amiga 4000 daughterboard which was a great addition to my a400, unfortunately some of the good stuff your making are either out of stock or not available anyore ;-)

Christopher Stokes

Posts 16
23 May 2020 00:36

One for me as well. I saw the one that you did for the UnAmiga and hoped that there would be one for the V4.

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 142
28 May 2020 07:01

Only 5 ?? Come on guys.

Lord A1k

Posts 52
28 May 2020 07:37

declare interest, what is with a floppy connector?

Lord Aga
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 119
28 May 2020 10:36

This is awesome :) However, I believe that an A1200 case version would be in greater demand. Any plans for this?

Lord A1k wrote:

declare interest, what is with a floppy connector?

Also this, yes :) A floppy connector and a keyboard connector would make it a true A1200 replacement board.

Niclas A
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 218
28 May 2020 15:13

This concept is so brilliant that i which that there was a vampire optimized for this.
A card with only FPGA and memory and an socket nothing else.

All other things on different daughter boards.
* One suitable for Checkmate case.
* One for A500 case
* One for A1200 case
* One for Micro-ATX case

Markus B

Posts 209
28 May 2020 15:47

Is the Paula/Pamela integration fully functional on the V4? Could it control an Amiga floppy drive if connected somehow as an extension?

Ian Parsons

Posts 228
29 May 2020 00:05

Paula handles the MFM data read and data write signals and the write enable. The other floppy control signals are split across one of the 8520 CIA chips for inputs, the other 8520 for outputs and a few of these signals also go via Gary/Gayle and some 74 series logic gates to create the full floppy drive interface signals. The internal floppy power connector and external interface also include +12V which is not available on the V4. So even if all the necessary signals could be somehow derived on/for the V4 you may still have problems with some drives that need 12V power.

The FPGA would allow a bridge between the old legacy interface and  something attached somehow on one of the available V4 interface connectors (expansion or "USB") using an alternative protocol, but this would be a lot of work and could run into problems with custom loaders/copy protected disks.

I think it's just time to get over floppy disks, they were okay in their day but are too slow and small for the Vampire standalone. Many (most?) games would not work booting directly from the orignal disks on a V4 even if there was a way to try it.

Boyd Pukalo

Posts 6
31 May 2020 21:52

I just recently received my V4SA and have had a CheckMate for about a month waiting for the Vampire. I am interested. Count me in.

CD32 Freak

Posts 23
03 Jun 2020 19:44

@Niclas A
I'm glad I'm not the only one with the same idea :-)

Niclas A
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 218
04 Jun 2020 16:40

CD32 freak wrote:

@Niclas A
  I'm glad I'm not the only one with the same idea :-)

Sure makes more sense than the current V4 design at least IMHO.
That design is comprised by that it was originally made to be able to be an accelerator for A1000/A500/A2000/CDTV.

That is now scrapped as I understand it and then all that design choices are wasted.

Frank S

Posts 3
04 Jun 2020 17:08

Hi - expressing interest!


Neil Shacklady

Posts 29
04 Jun 2020 19:19

Hi - I'd love one for the black A1200.net case I've got on order and will one day hopefully receive.  Any plans to do one for that case?

Roger Andre Lassen

Posts 142
30 Jun 2020 22:33

Bump !

Is this happening Edu ? Coz i really want one ;-)

Chris Holzapfel

Posts 62
30 Jun 2020 22:50

Hi, interested!

Smartroad 78

Posts 114
01 Jul 2020 08:47

Ian Parsons wrote:

I think it's just time to get over floppy disks, they were okay in their day but are too slow and small for the Vampire standalone. Many (most?) games would not work booting directly from the orignal disks on a V4 even if there was a way to try it.

Maybe better would be a "simple" USB floppy emulator like the Gotek with screen and selection buttons? I love it on my A1200 and given a lot of new games are released on floppy images would be a compromise?

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