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V4 Problem, Changing Partition Sizes

Joakim Hemsle

Posts 1
03 Apr 2020 17:52


I have started using my new V4 that I got this week, I have one problem though, the System and Work partitions are only 200 MB each. I wonder how I should do to increase the sizes of the partitions.


Tim Waite

Posts 24
04 Apr 2020 02:24

I know of no way to rsize FFS or PFS file systems.

You can change partition sizes but they can not be moved so the partition would have to have space at the end of it to increase the size.  If that was the case in SFS you can see if SFSDoctor will fix the format after the partition size change but I think that is PPC only.

Fast answer.  Backup, resize, format, copy.

posts 2