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Mouse Problems With Core2.12 for Vampire 500

Patrik Rendel

Posts 16
19 Mar 2020 19:05

  i flashed today the latest stable core 2.12 on my Vampire 500 V2+
  Update was successfull but since the update the mouse pointer works bad. i need to move more left and up to click on an icon.
  I flashed now 2 times but the error still there.
  Any help?
i think this make problems:
HW mouse improvements (sprite area size, x/y-position coords)

Roy Gillotti

Posts 393
19 Mar 2020 19:43

Are you running the latest SAGA 1.7.1 drivers?


Patrik Rendel

Posts 16
19 Mar 2020 19:50

Roy Gillotti wrote:

Are you running the latest SAGA 1.7.1 drivers?

Thanks for the info. I forgot to update the driver :(

Now all works fine :)

Mark Breckell

Posts 6
19 Mar 2020 19:53

Had the same problem with the mouse and display went green, try reinstalling saga driver 1.7.1, and reinstall Picasso96  that worked for my vampire v500 all works fine now  :)

posts 4