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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

V600 Vs V1200

Peter Schmidl

Posts 10
07 Mar 2020 16:06

Beside the fact that you are able to play AGA titles on A1200 (+IDE) there is no big difference between these two cards? Thanks for clarification!

V600 Specs:
Cyclone 3 FPGA, 128MB RAM, DigitalOut, microSD

V1200 Specs:
Cyclone 3 FPGA, 128MB RAM, DigitalOut, IDE, microSD


Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4790
07 Mar 2020 16:44

Both card have the same memory
- 128 MB of very fast Fastmem.

Both cards have the same CPU
68080 CPU

Both cards have the same SAGA/Truecolor GFX.

The A1200 offers buildin IDE, and Expansion port (for Ethernet), and a bigger FPGA (which gives little speed up).

Fat Barry

Posts 6
08 Mar 2020 08:45

Do you think there might be a possibility that the V1200
Will make the A4000 in the future 🤔

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4790
08 Mar 2020 10:06

Fat Barry wrote:

  Do you think there might be a possibility that the V1200
  Will make the A4000 in the future 🤔

Yes of course is the possibility there.
Do you have an 4000D or 4000T?
The V1200 should probably work in a 4000D

But we have to try to focus.
And do one after the other, step by step.
Right now we have the following Vampire models:
  V600 - for AMIGA 600
  V500 - for AMIGA 500, works also on A1000/A2000
  V1200 - for A1200, works also on CD32
  V4SA - runs standalone

Francisco Rabay Junior

Posts 2
08 Mar 2020 11:30

I am interested too.
Would like to have an Amiga 4000 Vampire. I own an Amiga 4000 Desktop with warp engine 040/40, but it is not fast enough.
Already expressed interest and waiting for Amiga V500 V2+.
I am waiting for about 5 months, since october 2019.

Thank you

Fat Barry

Posts 6
09 Mar 2020 05:35

You asked if I have a  A4000 D, Yes I do Have
Oh and a A3000 D also,, 😀

Andy Hearn

Posts 302
09 Mar 2020 09:22

I hope i'm not talking out of my posterior, and welcome any assistance on this topic, but i'm of the understanding that while the V1200 contains the same Cyclone 3 Class of FPGA, it's a slightly "fatter" variant with more Logic Elements (LE's) inside it than the V600 and V500. this has lead to some interesting developments in the dev cores for the V1200, such as much larger CPU caches, that wouldn't be possible in the V500/V600 chips.
so while the 68080 cpu logic is absolutely the same as the V500/600, there is more wiggle room in the V1200 FPGA chip itself for extra twiddly "nice to have" stuff not directly associated with the core logic.

I too have an A3kD and A4kD in working order, and if anyone has the skills to route an adapter board to allow an A3/4k style CPU slot to take an A1200 class CPU board then i'll help front any costings invoved to make it happen :D

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