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V4 Powering From HDMI All of a Sudden?

Martin Conley

Posts 11
01 Mar 2020 11:08

My v4 has started been powered by DIGITAL-VIDEO all of a sudden what could
Of happen? It now locks up and fines boot to coffin and if it does itís locked. Any idea please

Matthew Langtry

Posts 176
01 Mar 2020 11:55

Some hdmi ports have power too, think was mobile usb to hdmi. It could be not providing enough power, hence lock up.

Martin Conley

Posts 11
01 Mar 2020 12:34

It now doesnít even boot or attempt smoke came from the ide port this morning so I have a board that will go to rom screen and no where else. Hopefully the team will let me know how to return for repair was just about to take it from the metal case and put in a check mate 1500 case.

posts 3