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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

PCM5102A DAC Decoder Board (Audio)

Red Bug

Posts 9
15 Feb 2020 16:15

Does anyone have the pinout / connections between PCM5102a DAC and V4SA?
PCM5102a pinout is:
  1 VCC
  2 GND
  3 GND
  4 LRCK
  5 DATA
  6 BCK
V4SA (I2S-capable Expansion Port, the middle one of the three):
Unfortunately nothing in the wiki!?
So, which pins from the V4SA do I connect to which pins on the PCM5102a, please?
There is only one video online (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7D9e_P-gmQ) and I can't figure out the correct wiring. I have the impression that this board is an (early) developper board?

Red Bug

Posts 9
01 Mar 2020 15:34

Hi, any news about this?
Would be nice to use this DAC on the V4SA instead of DIGITAL-VIDEO-Audio.
Txh, RB

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