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List of V4SA Compatible Keyboards

Martin Andersen

Posts 4
07 Feb 2020 13:13

Apologies if this has been asked before – but is there a list of compatible USB keyboards for the V4SA somewhere?

Specifically I'd like to know which wireless keyboards (if any), such as the Logitech K800 (RF) are compatible. (I assume bluetooth ones would be more difficult, so I am limiting myself to RF ones here.)

I currently use an adapter on CIA-A (U7) on my A1200 in order to have the K800 work natively with the Amiga (in WB & games) and would be very interested to achieve something similar should I decide to go for the standalone Vampire.
My setup more or less requires a wireless kybd (& mouse + joystick, which is achieved via a DB9 "TOM+" adapter and the Gioteck wireless joysticks)

Any input is appreciated, and keep up the good work.

Philippe Flype
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 299
07 Feb 2020 13:46



Martin Andersen

Posts 4
07 Feb 2020 14:10

Thanks Philippe. So then it appears that the Logitech K800 and the Gioteck gamepads are unsupported (or at least just untested)

The K800 is using Logitech's earlier revision Unifying receiver. The Giotecks could potentially be using the boot protocol, though I am unsure. But the adapter these are working on is not that sophisticated, so there is a chance.

btw.–since the list refers to Vampire in general I assume the same equipment will work on both the V2 and V4 Vamps?

Specifically, I was thinking of how a USB keyboard connected to the 1200 V2 would work (alongside the built-in) keyboard?

The adapter I currently use on CIA-A/U7 allow the internal and wireless keyboard to work at the same time (in-game and Workbench) as it simply intercepts the signals.

Philippe Flype
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 299
07 Feb 2020 16:09

Only the V4 is a standalone machine, with USB ports. So that list applies only for that product, and yes, if not listed, it MAY work or not, either untested or later support.
V2 are (quite) classic-accelerators, on which you use the legacy Amiga Joy/Mouse ports.

Martin Andersen

Posts 4
07 Feb 2020 18:18

You are of course right. :) For some reason I thought the V2 A1200 card also had two USB ports on it. Obviously in order to be able to use those in any meaningful way for mouse+joy+kybd peripherals the V2 would have to implement the I/O controller chips in a way similar to Gayle for PCMCIA which would be a bigger task also.

Back OT - maybe someone else on here also wants to test Logitech wireless keyboards with the V4SA. I saw one wl MS keyb. on the list, but no way I am letting those near Amiga hardware as friction would clearly ensue... (and probably also worse things)

Then again, the K800 is one of the better wireless keyboards out there. Even with (meaningful) backlighting and perfect in dark environs.

Matthias Gull

Posts 12
23 Apr 2021 05:57


Yesterday I testesd my brandnew Logitech K270 with vampire v4.
It's a wireless keyboard with a unifying dongle and it should work written in the wiki.

On Windows 10 everything works fine. Pressing Caps Lock and the green LEDS turn on.

Nothing on ApolloOS.

Get someone work this keyboard togehter with vampire V4?

Do I need a older version of this keyboard?
My Version has the new  logitech brand on its housing.

Best regards

Michael MiB

Posts 53
23 Apr 2021 08:03

Wireless Logitech K360 works with ApolloOS,

Matthias Gull

Posts 12
23 Apr 2021 08:54

Hi Michael!

Thanks for your fast reply!
have a nice weekend!


Matthias Gull

Posts 12
01 May 2021 18:20


I tested the Logitech K360 wireless keyboard successfully.

Now I got my Logitech MX Revolution (wireless Mouse) with MX5500 USB Dongle.
It works perfect under Windows 10.
But with Vampire 4 it doesn't work.

Can someone help, please?


Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
02 May 2021 08:27

Simply, use what works :)

Matthias Gull

Posts 12
02 May 2021 08:59

I figured out that there are two variants of the USB dongle on the market.
It's a hard fight between me an the vampire.


Matthias Gull

Posts 12
02 May 2021 18:37

I tested another Logitech MX Revolution for a few minutes.
Nothings worked.
The second Logitech MX Revolution works fine on a Windows 10 PC.

This mouse type sould work written in the compatibilty list.

Now I have tested round about four wired mices. (Logitech RX250,...)
and no one worked.
Only I right click on a Dell standard mouse worked.
No pointer movement and left click worked

I need your help and will use the discord channel tomorrow.
My wish is to geht a the wireless MX Revolution work in combination
with my Logitech K360 wireless keyboard.

I am on core 6 an ApolloOS6.

Best regards


Rainer Koschnick

Posts 3
04 May 2021 12:18

How do we add stuff to the list? The following keyboard is also working for me:

OMBAR Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (says BJH0329 on the sticker underneath)

Vojin Vidanovic
(Needs Verification)
Posts 1896/ 1
08 May 2021 14:50

Working on V4SA
KBD Logitech MK120
Mouse hp KY619AA assy modguo
TV FOX TV32DLE268 smart TV 32 inch made in Serbia

Carlos Roldan

Posts 46
08 May 2021 14:56

Working: ONN Wireless Keyboard stock # LS6400R

Thellier Alain

Posts 126
09 May 2021 06:31

Is there a wireless mouse that works ?

posts 16