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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

A1200 Vampire

Jonas Thorell

Posts 7
07 Feb 2020 09:23

Hi there,

My A1200 booted from its new Vampire card first time ever yesterday. I haven't set up RTG or anything fancy yet, but it works.

Just two questions that popped up.

This is using my old installation with a custom 3.1.4 kickstartfile. I just moved the IDE-cable from the motherboard to the vampire. Which of course works, but...

I got the old "No 68040.library" or however it was phrased popped up again like it did on my old setup for 68030 until I found the correct library. For now I just commented out the CPU CHECKINSTALL line. Anything else I should do instead?

It seems to be a bit picky going into the early-startup screen to start without startup-sequence for some reason. It often just blanks the screen and nothing happens (which had me panick slightly at one point since the bootup froze at a point where I couldn't do anything). The same 15khz capable monitor attached to the standard RGB-port as usual. Nothing attached to DIGITAL-VIDEO. Any idea why that could be?

Some more stupid noob questions may come later...

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