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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

V4 Standalone Production Schedule and Retailer Salpage  1 2 3 

Arkadiusz Kwaśny

Posts 10
22 Mar 2020 19:30

Yes, that lack of confirmation is annoying :(

Matthew Langtry

Posts 169
23 Mar 2020 17:06

can't we get confirmation mail at least that on list?

Matthew Tillett

Posts 2
31 Mar 2020 13:33

@Gunnar, could you confirm if I am on the list please.

Many, many thanks :)

Laszlo Hegyi

Posts 10
07 Apr 2020 20:07

Has anyone received email about the V4SA shipping?
Or anyone have information about it?

Tim Noyce

Posts 22
07 Apr 2020 22:58

Not on my end.. But that doesn't appear to be unusual

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