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I Need to Disassemble My Vampire 4 to Boot?

Maria Engström

Posts 31
10 Jan 2020 22:19

Hi, all, I got my Vampire 4 today, tried to flash both Coffin 55 and and Coffin 54 on SD card but it only show picture of SD-card and say it want FAT16/32 formatted SD-card with "kick.rom". I put kick.rom (3.1 for Amiga 4000) on root on SD card with help of WinUAE, but it still say the same. Is probably not FAT format on SD-card though, but I thought Coffin image would work out of the box.

Then I realized, on my Vampire V500V2+ I cannot boot from SD-card so I think is perhaps same with V4. So do I have to disassemble my Vampire 4 and put Flash/SD-card adapter on hd header in order to boot?

Martin White

Posts 85
10 Jan 2020 22:23

At this present time, yes you do.

Right now the SD Card in the back is used only for transferring files. Multiple formats are accepted but I have mine set to Fat32 formatted from Windows.

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 503
10 Jan 2020 22:33

V4 reads Fat32 SD card on boot.
  Still can't be used for OS loading but can be used to maprom the kick.rom file from SD, if present

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4907
11 Jan 2020 07:31

Hello Maria,

please ping us on IRC.
Normally all V4 owners should have invited to a special support channel to provide them with all info and help.

Maria Engström

Posts 31
11 Jan 2020 15:50

Thanks for answer everyone. :)

I joined IRC as AgentMasha now.

Maria Engström

Posts 31
11 Jan 2020 17:26

I ordered SD to IDE 44-pin adapter now. I have one like that on my Vampire in my A2000, it works good. Prefer SD card over CF card because is easier to get hold of and I have loads of 32GB SD cards since before.

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