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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

My V4 Standalone Needs a New Core.

Andreas Görtler

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10 Jan 2020 21:51

Just before Christmas I got my Vampire V4 Standalone from Vesalia, the only one with a black case, so I was told.
I prepared a CF card under Xubuntu (32 bit) with FS-UAE for the Vampire, both with K3.1 and K3.9BB2.
At first my monitor Eizo FlexScan HD2442W didn't understand the V4 digital video signal, it reported "signal error".
So I put a Delock 62783 Scart/DIGITAL-VIDEO converter - which has also an DIGITAL-VIDEO input connector - as a signal enhancer between the V4SA and the monitor.
  After I copied my K.31 image on a FAT32 microSD card ("kick.rom"),
now I can see my 3.1 / 3.9BB2 booting perfectly into the Workbench.
However, my keyboards and mice don't work. I tested withous success:

- Cherry G83-6105LUNDE-2 keyboard
- Cherry G80-3000LPCDE-2 keyboard
- original Raspberry Pi Keyboard 
- logitech B100 M/N:M-U0026 mouse
- original Raspberry Pi mouse

I've read that there are at least two major core updates, so a Logitech M90 mouse is
supported, which is very similar to my B100. I do have an USB-Blaster.

Where can I get a newer core? How to get access to the V4 support channel?

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
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11 Jan 2020 07:38

Hallo Andreas,

yes we have for all V4 owners a special support channel.
The channel will answer all you questions and also provide update links. Can you ping me on IRC then I can invite you.

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