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Vampire Blue Screen.

Paolo Fpm_paolo

Posts 20
27 Dec 2019 21:47

Hello people, when I boot my Vampire on my A600 the screen blinks in blue. Also, colours in the games are not shown correctly.
I'm using a Vampire V2 and my original PSU.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 396
27 Dec 2019 23:03

Paolo fpm_paolo wrote:

Hello people, when I boot my Vampire on my A600 the screen blinks in blue. Also, colours in the games are not shown correctly.
  I'm using a Vampire V2 and my original PSU.

Is this with normal RGB output or H.D.M.I.?

However If you're getting into games, It's likely not the vampire, but something else related to the Amiga itself. Maybe you need to re-seat the vampire. Also being a 25+ year old computer with known issues with leaky capacitors it could need to be recapped if it hasn't already.

Adam A

Posts 93
28 Dec 2019 04:01

do you only get this when you are using the vampire? have you tried booting without it and see what you get?  I beleive that your only having this issue with RGB, correct?

I would also connect through composite and see what you get

I dont want to jump into conclusion but It sounds more like a motherboard issue to me, and sounds more like you have a problem with your video dac

Paolo Fpm_paolo

Posts 20
28 Dec 2019 14:43

Thanks for your replies.
  It happens only in RGB, with the Amiga scart RGB lead, and only if the Vampire is seated.
If I take that away, I don't have any problem.
  My Amiga has been recapped a couple of years ago but I donít use it everyday.
  I will try my Vampire in another A600 tomorrow and see what happens there.
  Do you I think I need a more powerful PSU to use with my V2? I still have my original recapped one but some say Vampire needs a 4.5A PSU. If that works (my "test" friend has a powerful one) I'll buy a more powerful one.

Paolo Fpm_paolo

Posts 20
29 Dec 2019 20:26

I flashed a 2.5 core and no blue screen.
I think I need a powerfix.


Adam A

Posts 93
30 Dec 2019 02:30

If your's is one of the early Vampire A600 , then probably you will need it

Paolo Fpm_paolo

Posts 20
27 Jan 2020 11:24

Hello people.
  I had my Vampire V2 power-fixed and I asked to replace the PLCC socket with a new one, since the kipper's one didn't fit properly.
  As before, the card seems not to work properly.
  If i tighten the screws, the card doesn't boot and there's a RED light next to the GREEN light.
  If i unscrew them a little, the card boots. But if I load CoffinOS and move my A600 a little, or attach a joystick, the system totally freezes.
  My A600 has been fully recapped.
  I have a brand new MeanWell RT-65B PSU.
  Vampire V2 core is the latest stable 2.11 flashed via USB Blaster.
  If I run DiagROM and test the whole machine WITHOUT THE VAMPIRE, i get no errors.
  Same with Amiga Test-E floppy disk.
  I have run all these test with the motherboard OUT OF ITS CASE.
  I'm totally freaking out.
  Please, how do I run a DiagROM via MapRom on the Vampire?
  How can I sit my Vampire stable?

I used to have a ACA620EC which fitted straight on my A600 and never had a single stability / sitting problem.

Nixus Minimax

Posts 415
27 Jan 2020 12:59

Have you tried cleaning the pins of the 68000 with VERY fine grained sand paper?

Paolo Fpm_paolo

Posts 20
27 Jan 2020 14:19

Well no.
I cleaned them with cotton swab and alcohol

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