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Wifi Set Up

Michael Huck

Posts 47
16 Dec 2019 23:34

Hi everyone

Can anyone offer any guidance on how to set up WiFi in coffin? Iíve searched google and have not found much information. I bought an easynet card which I know is 3com. I installed the driver then launched the wizard. I entered the ssid and password and it said complete but I donít know what to do next. I donít want to use easynet software and would prefer to use whatís already in coffin

Rob Inman

Posts 4
23 Dec 2019 05:17

Hi Michael, have you made any progress since you posted this? I'm also "stuck" in not getting Wifi setup on my PCMCIA card from Retro Ready. In this case, linksys hardware.

I initially thought my hidden SSID might be an issue, but I am now broadcasting the SSID and the Amiga (Coffin OS 54 and 55) is not finding it.  I believe I put the DNS server information where it is supposed to be and selected the Prism2 driver.

Thought I would check in with you

Nixus Minimax

Posts 416
23 Dec 2019 09:07

Have you set your router to 802.11a/b only? The old 16 bit PCMCIA wifi cards can only connect if the router is set up like that.

Rob Inman

Posts 4
26 Dec 2019 00:11

Good reminder, but yet I have it set to 802.11 b/g/n at 2.4ghz.  My router will only do 802.11a in 5ghz mode. I assume B is fine though.

Thomas Blatt

Posts 172
27 Dec 2019 07:43

Same here, i got a Fritz 7590 Router, can't get any connection to my Amiga. With old one was no trouble.
I switched my Smartphone as Mobile Hotspot between Fritz 7590 and Amiga600. That works well

Ali B.

Posts 19
27 Dec 2019 09:29

Please also provide information on WEP / WPA[123]. If in doubt, start with WEP, as many of those cards are not capable of WPA. Linux compensates with SW implementation, so other OS is not the benchmark.

Rob Inman

Posts 4
28 Dec 2019 06:29

That is a good point to start with WEP/WPA. I'm supposed to have WPA2 flashed to this card, but who knows. 

Thomas Blatt

Posts 172
28 Dec 2019 10:31

WPA2 PSK works well with my PCMCIA WLAN card

Michael Huck

Posts 47
30 Dec 2019 19:02


No, I gave up in the end!

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1718
01 Jan 2020 14:25

There is updated Prism driver

Short: Driver for 11Mbps wireless network cards
Author: neil at ncafferkey.net (Neil Cafferkey)
Uploader: neil ncafferkey net (Neil Cafferkey)
Type: driver/net
Version: 2.7
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0; ppc-amigaos
Date: 2019-12-31


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