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PowerPC In FPGA - How Much Sense Does It Make?page  1 2 3 

Wawa T

Posts 695
20 Dec 2019 03:29

Nixus Minimax wrote:

Marian Nowicki wrote:
  Why this anti powerpc crap? After so many years?

  I believe that most of the "anti-PPC" Amigans of today did welcome the switch to PPC some time in the mid-90s even if...

well.. no. not me. and if am also allowed to generalise, the immediate decline of the user base proves that the others couldnt be satisfied as well, either for the affordability nor for usability nor for actual availability of the said hardware. i have got a csppc almost a decade later as a bonus with a machine id have bought for other reasons and it altogether confirmed my darkest expectations why this has been a failed attempt. actually what i value most on an csppc is the scsi controller, lol.

Wawa T

Posts 695
20 Dec 2019 03:38

Michael Borrmann wrote:

  There are faster alternatives for PPC if you want to use MorphOS or AmigaOS4.

  yeah but when you want to insist on ppc being a reference and want to gather others around it even if this is a handicap, you need to drag them down with you.
ill allow to quote an example of popular fiction not even ever referred to on amiga forums i believe. ;) frank millers the dark knight returns graphic novel.
  batman in his fifties picks up the fight. he is not up to corporal powers hes been used to. he cant confront the young vital opponents. what does he do? he drags them into the mud, where everybody is slow and cumbersome, no matter the age.
  this said, giving as much intellectual credit as to the author of the novel and his protagonist is evidently too much in this comparison.

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1690
20 Dec 2019 07:34

It does not make sense.
  Wookies dont live on Endor or similar :)

If it did, Gunnar would be designing super power efficient PA Semi 2+ PPC core for all things mos,os4 and linux.

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