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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Tips for New User

Michael Huck

Posts 46
02 Dec 2019 18:12

Hi all

Iím driving my wife nuts going on about the vampire 600 V2 which is currently shipping to me! I was wondering if people have any tips for a new user? I have downloaded coffin os, have an additional 1MB chip ram and a gotek, also an WiFi pcmcia. Anything else I should be thinking about?

Michal Pietal

Posts 124
02 Dec 2019 18:27


At least until You set all up.

Name ELahrairah

Posts 11
02 Dec 2019 18:43

Where did you find one?

Michael Huck

Posts 46
02 Dec 2019 21:03

Through the Apollo website, had to wait a while though!

Name ELahrairah

Posts 11
03 Dec 2019 07:39

Ok, it'll be the wait well worth. Enjoy it.

Ronnie Beck
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 190
03 Dec 2019 17:31

Congrats on your purchase.  There are for sure some things you should consider leading up to the arrival of your V2 card.  Have you had your A600 re-capped (if it isn't already).  The Vampire pushes the limit hard on what was envisaged for the A600 and dried out or non-functional capacitors can result in an unstable system.
  I would also consider a newer power supply, especially if you have one of the weaker C= ones.
  For installing the V2, I would look at getting some materials for safely cleaning the pins on the 68k CPU as many problems have arisen from dirty pins causing intermittent loss of contact.
  If you have all of this, you have a solid basis for years of painless high performing Amiga usage!
  Welcome to the community!

Michael Huck

Posts 46
03 Dec 2019 17:57

Hi Ronnie

I have just had my machine recapped by Amiga Passion, heís cleaned the board too thanks for the tip about the PSU, Iíll look in to getting a new one and some things to clean the pins!


Pat 3657

Posts 40
03 Dec 2019 23:07

You surely want to use that nifty H D M I port, so you have to find a way to reroute the connector out of your A600. Many people desoldered the RF box (who needs that anyways) and replaced it with a H D M I extension cord. A thin/flexible 30cm cable male to female should do fine. Perhaps you even find a cable with screw holes at the female end, so you can mount it at the metal shielding.

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