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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Vampire V2 Storage Controller Implementation

Chastanier Cclecle

Posts 7
16 Nov 2019 20:04

Hi guys !

I got a few question about the differents storage solutions on vampire V2 (the 600 flavour actually). I just ordered one (awaiting for delivery :) ) so I want to buy the best storage device I can.
By best I mean fast but also the less cpu overhead.

Note: I know that the Saga-SD is not bootable yet but it is "just" because the driver is not rom-able yet so it might be possible sooner or later.

So... I have a few questions about this topic :

- is the Saga-SD core DMA capable ?
- if yes, is the driver supporting this mode ?
- same two question for the fast-ide core/driver ?
- I saw benchmark for fast-ide with diferent tuning, what about saga-sd clock tuning with vcontrol? Can we go... far ?

Thanks !

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