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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

V4SA In A1200/A500 Case - LED Headers?

Sean Higgins

Posts 2
28 Aug 2019 19:37


If I put a V4SA inside an A1200 case (use Keyrah) or A500 (use Arduino to turn keyboard into USB device) are there any headers to connect the LED Power/Access lights in the case?

I was thinking for CF access I could desolder the LED on the CF adapter and fit extension leads. For power is there a header on the Vampire PCB? I guess there might be some 5v or 3.3v pins which could be used.


Mike Kopack

Posts 268
28 Aug 2019 20:09

Not that I've seen or heard them say. However, for HD activity you can pretty easily tap off the IDE interface for this...



Power should be easy to do tapping into one of the expansion ports to detect 3.3V and drive an LED off that...

posts 2