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Is the Vampire An AMIGA?page  1 2 3 

Michael Borrmann

Posts 133
30 Aug 2019 08:57

eric gus wrote:

Honestly my "first" impressions of the Amiga was "all this and brains too!!??!?" ..
  The Amiga was a multi experience thing, first off the sexy graphics and audio, the amazing case lines.. (more so the A1000 which IMHO as I said above is probably the quintessential perfect Amiga case -- and I say this as an A3000 owner). .. and lastly that sexy preemptive multitasking OS.. that was the final thing that just blew you right out of the chair. I recall my first moments playing with an A1000 and it was a very deep experience.. one that still strongly resonates with me today in my memory... Honestly I (and others here too I am sure) probably have compared ever new technological advancement to their Amiga experiences in some way in the back of their mind.. It was like touching the future and well we all sorta were ..

Nicely said!
Exactly my experience back then.. It was like touching the future.

That said, the Vampire and Apollo Core are Amiga. It keeps the architecture.
I can move.w $000 to $dff180 and get a black screen.


Andy Hearn

Posts 328
30 Aug 2019 12:06

yeah same sentiment here, very well said guys!
i remember just staring at my A500 in awe. made the jump from a vic20 with tape, to an A500 with disk. i was the only kid with a 1084s monitor as opposed to everyone was using a modulator - because my dad thought he was going to use it for work... hah :D

magazine cover disks that were a multimedia treasure trove of art, music, game demos, scene demos, public domain applications.

i've picked up a TF330 for my CD32, and will probably get a TF360 if they go public release - and i'm loving a bit of AGA goodness again. can't wait for a Vamp to slot in there too!
so does this mean my CD32 is not a CD32 anymore? ;)

Sean Sk

Posts 381
30 Aug 2019 16:04

Andy Hearn wrote:

so does this mean my CD32 is not a CD32 anymore? ;)

It might become a CD64 if you're not careful.

Ian Parsons

Posts 218
31 Aug 2019 01:40

I totally agree that the Vampire is an Amiga but if you want it to sell in major outlets and generate wider interest beyond the existing Amigaphiles it would benefit from a standardised case with great unique styling and a range of matching peripherals (keyboards, mice, displays) and the Amiga brand name would also be a selling point. This may be beyond the what's possible without major investors though.

To some if they had a big box Amiga maybe styling is less important as big boxes tended to be very functional, big square boxes for housing big drives and expansion cards. These days big box PCs are rare with the A1500+ being something of a throwback. Small slim, sleek designs are what we expect now. Whilst the wedge designs have a strong retro appeal does the Vampire want to be a purely retro system or have a wider alternative platform appeal?

Eric Gus

Posts 433
31 Aug 2019 06:55

Honestly the "best" thing to do to get the Amiga revived is lower the "barrier to re-entry" .. make it easy, fun and importantly like the moto behind commodore, affordable "A computer for the masses, not the classes" .. If the standalone is made as a complete system for a low price it will be a lot easier for people to pull that trigger and get back into the world of Amiga. .. Everything should be done to make it easy, affordable, simple and fun to jump back in. No one should be wringing their hands trying to decide if its worth a mortgage payment or two to get a "new" Amiga {looking at you "NG" guys}, Nor should they require a degree in electronics to (cobble together) a system (like some of the current alternative general purpose FPGA solutions where a bit of DIY is needed)..

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