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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

A1000 Vamped

Willem Drijver

Posts 34
10 Aug 2019 15:05

Hi fellow Amiga fans,

Just sharing a successful attempt to vamp an Amiga 1000, both for the older models with a WCS daughterboard as for the newer ones.

For the daughterboard model I used a stack of three 68K CPU sockets to clear the space, which is not needed for the newer models.

To prevent the need of opening the A1000 to much, I redirected the Micro-SD-Card with an extension cable and the same for the IDE, DIGITAL-VIDEO and JTAG.

Photos: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AgCqIQgRFvAEuA2Qub89-C2_d1eM?e=VhxZfR

68K-CPU-Sockets: https://www.ebay.nl/itm/68000-68010-64-Pin-PCB-CPU-Socket-DIP64-Commodore-Amiga-500-2000-ATARI-APPLE-MAC/283567326871?hash=item4205ee0697:g:bdkAAOSwx2dYDXIp

IDE-Kit is from Amiga-Kit store (basic IDE-CF adapter with long cable)

Cheers to the Apollo team for all their fantastic work!

David Wright

Posts 352
10 Aug 2019 21:26

I did pretty much what you did with my 1000, still only 512k chip ram cripples it.

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
11 Aug 2019 02:50

load up the Beta core3....aga and lots of chip ram... just no rtg

Willem Drijver

Posts 34
11 Aug 2019 10:12

Beta Core V3? Did I miss something or did you mean the Alpha?

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
11 Aug 2019 15:16

Willem Drijver wrote:

Beta Core V3? Did I miss something or did you mean the Alpha?

Sorry yeah the alpha.  “Non ready for prime time” core3. :). So far aside from a few aga titles not Working right I’ve had good luck with it on my OCS A500

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