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Help Yellow Screen With Vamp Installed

Adam Whittaker

Posts 262
10 Aug 2019 13:07

My old 600 wont work no more so i sent it for a recap, it came back and its not working at all so i found a working system in good condition but with my vampire installed i get a yellow screen and it wont go aby further... i can hear and audio glitch repeating in too. I really am at my wits end any gelp guys? I have 3 amiga 600s and cant use Ny of them with my vamp!

Pedro Cotter
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 224
10 Aug 2019 14:22

If you have expansions like ram or other connected, try without them...

Adam Whittaker

Posts 262
10 Aug 2019 15:42

hiya - ok tried that still exactly the same, also cleaned cpu pins and cpu socket with isoprop and a Qtip any other ideas?

Adam Whittaker

Posts 262
10 Aug 2019 18:18

ok after updating it using my usb thingy to the 2.12rc i am getting a green screen... any ideas?

Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 509
10 Aug 2019 18:34

Probably your V600 CPU socket connector has gone kaput. You could try to forcefully press your thumb over the CPU socket when turning on the A600 power.

Adam Whittaker

Posts 262
10 Aug 2019 18:38

its recently had a new socket fitted as the old one had become so loose it wouldnt hold on i will try holding my thumb over it but i dont think thats the problem. i will report back. Yea just tried held down so hard its marked my hand and its still the same.

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