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Playing With Dual Screens (ECS&RTG)

Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 12
03 Aug 2019 12:40

Hello everyone :)

I have an a2000 with vampire and ecs. I am trying to use both outputs simultaneously. I already managed to keep the rtg screen open when its not on focus setting the tooltype Noswitch to yes, but i cant do the same with the ecs screen, which disappear when focus is on rtg screen. Do yo know a workaround for this?


Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 565
03 Aug 2019 13:01

Not sure if it is even possible. Picasso96 multi-display support is poor. Anyway, check that your tooltypes are set correctly:

- NoSwitch=Yes/No
  Default is No.

  The driver allows to power off the monitor that lost focus,
  when switching from Native video and Graphic card video.
  Requires also to set the ToolType "DisplayChain=Yes".
  Yes => The monitor that lost focus is NOT powered off.
  No  => The monitor that lost focus is powered off.

Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 12
03 Aug 2019 13:09

Thank you Simo, this is already working as expected, the rtg screen remains active when ecs is being used. I am looking to get the same behaviour on the ecs screen but I am afraid it wont be possible :(

A pity because i found multiple monitors on amiga very useful, and every vampire could do it if the software was up to do it

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