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Playing With Dual Screens (ECS&RTG)

Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 15
03 Aug 2019 12:40

Hello everyone :)

I have an a2000 with vampire and ecs. I am trying to use both outputs simultaneously. I already managed to keep the rtg screen open when its not on focus setting the tooltype Noswitch to yes, but i cant do the same with the ecs screen, which disappear when focus is on rtg screen. Do yo know a workaround for this?


Simo Koivukoski
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 601
03 Aug 2019 13:01

Not sure if it is even possible. Picasso96 multi-display support is poor. Anyway, check that your tooltypes are set correctly:

- NoSwitch=Yes/No
  Default is No.

  The driver allows to power off the monitor that lost focus,
  when switching from Native video and Graphic card video.
  Requires also to set the ToolType "DisplayChain=Yes".
  Yes => The monitor that lost focus is NOT powered off.
  No  => The monitor that lost focus is powered off.

Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 15
03 Aug 2019 13:09

Thank you Simo, this is already working as expected, the rtg screen remains active when ecs is being used. I am looking to get the same behaviour on the ecs screen but I am afraid it wont be possible :(

A pity because i found multiple monitors on amiga very useful, and every vampire could do it if the software was up to do it

Mike Brantley

Posts 36
02 Sep 2020 23:18

I also wish to accomplish this -- keep the ECS screen open while the RTG screen is active. I can do this, for example, with my A4000 and an RTG video card installed and the AGA output still showing when RTG is active screen. I'd love it on my A500 with Vampire to switch to the RTG monitor and have the ECS screen that's going to my Ikegami CRT monitor not go blank.

Istvan Hegedus

Posts 22
17 Sep 2020 14:31

  I am trying to reach the opposite of it. I have an A2000 with vampire and using one monitor with two inputs (analog VGA from indivision and DVI/DIGITAL-VIDEO from vampire). I would like to reach automatic switching between RTG and ECS. One direction works fine (RTG->ECS) but the other way not. ECS screen always sends a signal and there is just a grey background so the monitor stays on the ECS input. I have to manually switch the monitor to the RTG input.

  Anyone managed to fix this?

Carles Bernat Martorell

Posts 15
02 Sep 2021 11:18


I just want to share that what i requested in the opening post is now possible since picasso96 v3.1 was released. I have to test it yet but looks promising!

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