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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

A500v2+ Registration

Erik Roy

Posts 11
28 Jul 2019 00:00

I just got a A500 v2 from relec
Do I need to register with the serial number.

Andrew Miller

Posts 223
28 Jul 2019 01:45

I think it should already be white listed.

Michal Pietal

Posts 114
28 Jul 2019 15:34

I tested the V2 along with my friend's Amiga a year ago or so and we couldn't force it to be in colour, only BW mode (maybe this concerned the V4 boot screen only, I don't remember now).

Anyway, everything went fine ONLY AFTER He registered His Vampire.

Pete Plank

Posts 1
29 Jul 2019 04:18

I would only worry about it if it only shows B/W DIGITAL-VIDEO output. I have a kipper2k 2nd batch A600 v2 that I never registered (missed the whole registration thing while it was offered). Recently updated it to Core 2.11/Coffin v54 and color output is absolutely fine.

Jean-Baptiste Bolcato

Posts 53
30 Jul 2019 17:14

My first V2 on A600 a couple of years ago took 3 months to go in color, waiting for the new firmware to include my serial to avoid piracy.
Now I think the team has changed their process, and most of the latest V2s manufactured and sent to shops are pre-registered... For instance my latest V2 for A500 was in color out of the box!

posts 5