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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Preparing the A2000 to Be Vampirised

Ronnie Beck
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 184
19 Jun 2019 14:37

Hi All,

I am in the process of cleaning up an A2000 which I got of eBay with the intention of turbo boosting it with a Vampire card.  I have already bought the CPU adapter board for the A2000 as well as some new capacitors to do the recap.  Can anyone else recommend some other things I should consider fixing/replacing/adding to ensure a rock solid stable experience.  In particular of interest

* Like so many A2000s, battery alkaline has leaked onto the mobo and done some light damage.  The battery is removed and I am nutrualising the alkaline and repairing the damage.  The caps will be replaced but there are also some diodes and resistor packs with some light corrosion.  I assume I should replace them but they are hard to find.  Where could I find a list of these components (not all are marked) and where could I buy them (Digikey?).  Should I even bother with resistor packs or diodes?
* PSU replacement options?  Should I just refurbish the existing one or would you recommend a tried and true replacement?
* I plan to augment the configuration with a IDE CDROM and CFCard/SSD.  Does the standard A2000 PSU provide enough power for all that?
* Other preparation steps that you thought were helpful?

Many thanks!

Mike Kopack

Posts 268
19 Jun 2019 14:56

I would think a properly working PSU would have no trouble driving that stuff.  The 2000 has a much bigger PSU than the A500 or 1200 received since it was meant to be expanded out with cards and such. There’s also the option of replacing it with a newer ATX PsU - google search for “Ian Stedman Amiga PSU”.  His pages have all kinds of info on the PsU and replacement options. I used one of his adaptor boards to build a new PSU for my A500 that is way WAY better than anything available back in the day...

Somebody has the blueprints for the mb. Find which revision board you have and you should be able to find the specs of the parts you are concerned with. Yeah digikey should be able to match them. 

Good luck with your refurb!

Roy Gillotti

Posts 431
19 Jun 2019 14:58

I did this repair on my A2000 last year.
  -Diodes and resistor Paks: I de-soldered these parts to get at the corrosion, I mostly gave them a good clean up and just put them back in after neutralizing the corrosion. However I did accidentally break two of the resistor packs getting them out. But, yeah Digikey, Mouser or Newark... All good locations for these types of parts.
  For PSU, I think the standard PSU should be able to handle CD ROMs and such. However My PSU was busted badly, I didn't spend the time to figure out what Caps needed replacement, I just swapped the innards out with a standard ATX PSU. You will need to change a jumper to use the VSYNC instead of the A2000 PSU Tick signal... I'm at work so don't have the jumper number handy.
  I bought an ATX to A2000 PSU cable from one of the major Amiga vendors... I could have easily made my own, but figured the cost was worth the time to work on other things.

Adam A

Posts 101
20 Jun 2019 00:25

I use amigakit A2000 atx psu adapter, works well


Lord A1k

Posts 46
20 Jun 2019 07:37

I have a A2000 rev 6.2 with Vampire what you need ist
Atx Connector from Ian Stedmann:
and then a SFX ATX PSU from Seasonic with DC-DC :

This one worky well, since near two years in my A2000 without problems

Sean Sk

Posts 374
20 Jun 2019 14:13

Lord A1k wrote:

This one worky well, since near two years in my A2000 without problems

Yeah I can vouch for the Seasonic PSU's. I have several for my PC's. Well built and very reliable.

Chris Edwards

Posts 43
21 Jun 2019 20:56

i have a A2k r6.something , Vampire, Kipper cpu slot job, rear 3d printed Hdmi port 90 degree flat hdmi to rear 2 ft cable
  it has a vampire 44pin ide, lexar32g (dont like sandisk for crap on mine) gvp4008 scsi card, AradineII ethernet card, had a ide dvd /cd burner on the dual 44 pin cable i bought, all worked fine. i even had another header added into my PSU for an additional floppy style connector, as i have the CF card reader (before the native Vampire one) gotek on Df0 . regular DF1, external A1010 running 12v on pin23 of ext floppy drive, also on gvp is a 750m scsi disk , so it has plenty of power,  consider recapping it if needed, the larger caps are hard to find, but you can up the v/uf to compensate.    dont count out your 7 pico fuses. people overlook them and they can cause all sorta weirdness  . i did a whole series on the Vampire in my A2k and all my headaches and nightmares, finally getting it all sorted with the assistance of the wonderful people here.  if your interested heres a link to my chan , its like episode 78/79 or some area you will see..  hope it helps you somewhat

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