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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Pin 39 LED Activity

Steven Lyon

Posts 29
05 May 2019 23:22

I'm trying to install a mod that will use the floppy LED as a CF card activity light on my Vampire 500 V2+...
  I know some CF adaptors have connectors for an LED activity light but unfortunately mine doesn't. In this event the instructions say to connect a wire to PIN 39 of the IDE connector but I'm unsure which solder pad that might be. Any ideas please? - here's a photo of my Vampire and CF card adaptor: EXTERNAL LINK 
  Thanks :)

Rod March

Posts 113
06 May 2019 00:53

Wiring an LED from pin 39 (drive activity) to 41 (5V) will blink with drive access. You may need a resistor (I've done with and without a resistor - with seemed to be really dull).

As to how to connect to the A500s floppy indicator, I don't know.

Steven Lyon

Posts 29
06 May 2019 22:24

Don't worry, I have a little circuit board to take care of the connection to the A500 floppy LED (it piggybacks off the keyboard connector).

Based on that wiring diagram you linked to, would the location of pin 39 I marked in this photo EXTERNAL LINK be correct? Just don't want to fry anything by hooking the wire up to the wrong thing :-(

Rod March

Posts 113
07 May 2019 00:37

Looks correct.

Just make sure your solder blob doesn't bridge over to the other pins - it's fairly fine work.

Steven Lyon

Posts 29
07 May 2019 19:07

It worked - thanks for the assist. :)


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