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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Amiga 2000 + Vampire

Norman Davie

Posts 1
02 May 2019 22:52

Q: Is the Vampire 500 V2+ compatible with the Amiga 2000 ?
A: Vampire 500 V2+ is not officially supported in Amiga 2000 even if it has been reported to work. Amiga 2000 requires more signals than the Amiga 500 and you are lucky if it works.

Is there a Vampire that does work with the Amiga 2000?

Pedro Manuel Lopes Torre

Posts 12
02 May 2019 22:58

Hi, i've a rev 6.2 Amiga 2000 with Vampire 500 V2+ working without problems. Currently using a Maztze CPU adapter card also without problems.

Running Coffin R54, everything works although some Whdload games give a black screen ( Lotus 1 )

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4901
03 May 2019 01:10

What is your goal?
The V500 will work fine in A500, A1000, A2000.

The V500 will run fine with many Zorro cards too but not with all.
So if you want to use it in an A2000 because you want to use a certain Zorro card - make sure its supported.

Rod March

Posts 113
03 May 2019 01:51

I have used a Vampire on my 2000 both on the CPU socket and in the CPU expansion slot with an adapter - works fine.

Works with Video Toaster (and presumably other genlocks), as mentioned above some SCSI cards work, some don't,

posts 4