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Alfa Data IDE 2008 and Vampire V2+

Krzysztof AT

Posts 32
14 Apr 2019 12:56


I just bought an Alfa Data 2008 IDE controller to my vampirised A2000 and trying to get it work. Need only for CD or DVD support. Have anyone got it working?? Which device and filesystem I should use??

Stefano Briccolani

Posts 494
14 Apr 2019 15:49

I've an alfa data pcmcia ide card. I don't know if is the same controller. I use it without problems on my vampirized a600 with tandemat.pcmcia device on Ide-fix package..

Krzysztof AT

Posts 32
14 Apr 2019 17:02

Thank you for reply. I have already tried to force it work with tandemat.device but without any success. It's totally different construction
I have something like that:

Vojin Vidanovic

Posts 1698
14 Apr 2019 19:10

Idefix mentions that it has drivers for
AlfaQuattro (all AlfaData Technic Corp.)

If that is your thing,Idefix97 3.5 is your cure!

Krzysztof AT

Posts 32
14 Apr 2019 21:29

Yes. There is one step forward:-) Program FinDevice from that packet detect my cd-rom at ad_atapi.device. But when i'm trying to mount CD0: from my own mountlist my computer hanges...
  What am I doing wrong??

I found one topic on forum, and there is a statement that Alfadata IDE Z2 should works with vamp...

Krzysztof AT

Posts 32
14 Apr 2019 22:45

Yessss I did it:-)

I have used ad_atapi.device and filesystem called "CDFILESYSTEM" not "CacheCDFS" from IdeFix and anything is working fine. Problem solved and topic could be closed. Alfa Data IDE 2008 is really compatible with Vamp in A2000. Thank you all for your support :-)

Markus Klotzberg

Posts 10
15 Apr 2019 11:32

CacheCDFS is working too. I use this on Oktagon 2008 (scsi) with Vampire in my A2000. I also use a tandem controller for external CF in the same vamp 2000.

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