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Documentation about the Vampire hardware

Compatible Monitor/TV

Jostein Hjeldnes

Posts 2
08 Apr 2019 10:08

Is there a list off compatible monitors ?
  Just some off mine works.

Roy Gillotti

Posts 372
08 Apr 2019 12:04

Jostein Hjeldnes wrote:

Is there a list off compatible monitors ?
  Just some off mine works.

Don't believe there is a list.

If you get a vampire logo on startup, then it's a matter of playing with your p96 mode settings to find a working resolution/refresh rate.

Personally I use this, not only to convert the SCART/RGB to DIGITAL-VIDEO, but as a way of taking an odd DIGITAL-VIDEO outputs from the vampire to a steady 720p or 1080p output to my LCD TV.


Andy Hearn

Posts 271
08 Apr 2019 21:01

that's not a bad shout - your little box there.
The vampire also works fine on the Just-add-power H-D-M-I over IP things I've got here. but it depends how good your TV is as to dealing with the resolutions and scan rates. for example, my LG is happy as Larry with being fed  720p@47khz. one of my Samsung's... not so much:- "unsupported resolution".
i'm still playing with the H-D-M-I to IP system though - as the IP transmitter is supposed to upscale all input to 1080p as a baseline, but i'm not seeing that so I don't know if that's a setting I've missed somewhere.
so an up-scaler like that could well be worth it.

J.M. Lapilainen

Posts 14
08 Apr 2019 21:35

I have LG Flatron M228WDP. It has both DIGITAL-VIDEO and RGB SCART and 720p from Vampire just works. Quality of analog input could certainly be better but having both inputs in one display is that much more convenient I can live with it. It also has crappy speakers which helps if tight on desk space and analog audio input that apparently should work with DIGITAL-VIDEO input (haven't tested this myself). Ideal display for Vamped Amiga I think. I paid ~5 EUR for mine, these seem to be available second hand quite often at least where I live.

Gunnar von Boehn
(Apollo Team Member)
Posts 4458
10 Apr 2019 08:46

Jostein Hjeldnes wrote:

  Is there a list off compatible monitors ?
  Just some off mine works.

Its a pure software/P96 setting question.
The resolution of the Vampire is freely programmable.
This means you can define in P96 a nearly "infinite" amount of screen modes.
Which of these "invented" resolutions your monitor / TV shows will depend on the TV/monitor.
Some TV will support nearly every resolution and refresh rate.
Some Monitor are more strict and might only like resolution with 60Hz. A minimal adjustment in your p96 settings might make a not displayed mode appear for them.

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